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To know more about tires which are under-inflated are greatly subject to tear and wear. The main cause of tire failure is deflation. Under-inflation leads to skidding along the roads and blowouts, on top of that it has been proven that it takes long time to stop a vehicle. This will automatically be a threat to your safety and other road users. You cannot tell by the look of your eyes that the tire pressure is sufficient. Most people realize that the tire pressure is insufficient when it is less than 20 pounds.  At that time the safety of the car is compromised. If the right tire pressure for your vehicle is 35 pounds then running at 25 pounds means the tire is under inflation.

For safety purposes tire pressure measuring system is a must for every vehicle. TPMS enable the driver to know the condition of tire pressure by displaying the information on the driver’s dashboard. What happens to the TPMS when you are changing tyres?

Keeping the same rims

In the case where the rim must be reused then the same TPMS can be used. For it to be effective you need someone specialized in tyres to do all the work for you such as ordering the service kit in full if available, you can also  buy beru TPMS. Every time the tyre is changed the stem and valve need to be serviced. If the valve and stem are not serviced the warranty will be invalidated and may cause your sensor to fail working pre-maturely.

Changing the rims

When changing the rims the sensor can be transferred but the service kit must be purchased for each sensor for easy replacement of valve and washer. But the costs incurred each time the rims are changed must be put into consideration. Time and labour costs need to be considered.

The best option for you

It is advisable for new set of TPMS to be purchased but remember this has implications on how the ECU recognizes the new sensor.  To avoid reprogramming the vehicle you need to clone the existing sensor. Many vehicles won’t allow programming of multiple sets of TPMS.

The important thing you need to put into consideration in any case you are choosing the option you will take is costs.  What you must know is that Tire pressure sensorWarehouse would never allow running the vehicle without TPMS if installed as a standard option.

Importance of cloning the existing sensors

  • It saves your time with relearn procedures
  • In case of damage or premature failure of the sensor, you will always have a spare.
  • This will enable you save money on costs for programming
  • Since the seasons keeps on changing there is seamless transition from summer to winter tyres and back.

You need to put your safety a head and that of your passengers and other road users.  Enforcement of the legislation can safe many including you from horrific road accidents. Keep your vehicle maintainedwith Schrader TPMS for several years of safe services.




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