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Posted on: June 28th, 2016 by

In the 2000s a tpms system law was mandated due to multiple accidents and deaths due to tire malfunctions.  This was mandated as a safety for the drivers and passengers in a vehicle.  Unfortunately reports are showing that only 58% of all drivers do not know what these warning symbols mean and many of them just ignore them when they appear upon their dash.  Ignoring these warnings on your dash is defeating any safety purpose that has been mandated by law.  Improper tire air pressure or tires that are running too hot can be the cause of very serious accidents and injuries to the drivers and passengers.

Why Is This System Important?

When driving down the roadways, it is important to have the recommended tire pressure in your tires.  when you tire is running under inflated, it can cause a lot of damage.  When you tire is low on air, it can hamper the control of the vehicle, effect the cornering abilities of the vehicle and interfere with sudden movements or sharp steering of the vehicle.  As a tire is running low on air, there will be more flexibility and it will have a tendency to get overheated.  A tire that is running too hot, can cause damage to the walls of the tire, causing them to blow out or the tread to separate.

Tire Pressure Warning Light Mystifies Drivers

Things That Are Being Done To Make Drivers More Aware

  • Shops are putting up fliers of pictures of dash light warning signs
  • Some states are requiring these systems to work in order to pass inspection
  • Some shops are putting up product displays in their waiting room hoping to draw awareness
  • Some states are forcing shops to do a check on this system with any vehicle service
  • Automobile manufacturers are advertising this system to create more awareness


Lack of knowledge of the tire pressure sensor systems has made the industry scratch their heads.  This was created to save lives and to make drivers more aware of their tire pressure and the importance of maintaining the recommendations.  You can also click here for more to know. When over half of the drivers are unaware of what the symbols even mean and then there are even more that ignore the warning symbols on their dash; Where has this safety effort went wrong?  That is why it is becoming more popular to include this system in the advertising and promotions.

After the awareness of the lack of knowledge by the general public, automobile manufacturers, dealerships, tire shops and other various businesses in the industry are trying to bring this awareness to the drivers attention.  In the end checkout this link:  here for more information. Mechanic shops and dealerships are displaying posters with the alert symbols on them in waiting rooms for the customers to see.  Information to grab attention is being used in advertisements and other forms of public announcements to get drivers attention and increase the awareness of the tpms systems.

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Are you in the market for a new garage door? I guess you never realize that you are until right when something happens that puts you in a situation where you need one. Lots of things can happen; cars can crash, metal tracks get rusty and finicky, panels get damaged by water and pets, and overall doors just get a lot of wear and tear over the my other article post at

Castlegate Garage Door Service is locally owned and operated and happy to be doing what they are doing. With Castlegate, customers can virtually build their own doors with their own visions and wants in style, material, and budget. But if you don’t want to start from scratch using your own vision, this service has many models and styles to choose from. And in addition to what they show online, which is a lot, you can go in to visit their physical showroom to get a firsthand view of what you would be purchasing for your garage.

Whether you want windows or no windows or if you like fiberglass, plywood, steel, aluminum, sandwich doors, gauge raised panel steel, raised panel, or high definition garage doors, Castlegate can easily provide what you are looking for. And of course on top of the garage doors themselves, this service offers several lines of garage door openers with no noise, no maintenance, and with quality warranties. They also provide same day production in insulation, custom hardware, high lift, roof pitch, custom springs, and cutdowns. They can do same day window production, give priority loading, and have a vast shipping availability depending on where you are.

The Castlegate website has a lot more than just pictures of door options. You can find diagrams that point out exactly how and where to measure your garage door frame for a new door to be fitted. There are also troubleshooting tips that can help you figure out the solution to a problem before needing to call in a professional to look and to charge you a fee. For instance, if your door only goes down part way when you’re trying to close it and then goes back up, Castlegate suggests checking the “photo eyes” to see if they are functioning properly. If they are not this is something you might need a professional to fix. However, they could still be working properly but could have been kicked out of alignment, and that could be an easy fix to be performed by yourself. All of this information and more can be found on their website.

Castlegate Garage Door Service

So don’t bother shopping around for the right service when you’re finally in need of a new garage door or garage door opener. Once quick look at the Castlegate website will show you how much they have to offer and what you can get for your budget, no matter how big or small. Castlegate Garage Door Service is the one place you can find endless selections at affordable prices and with a staff that is knowledgeable and willing to help you find exactly what you are looking for.